The scholars decided not to vary with this issues whatever as there am ijmaa€? on the ban of congratulating non-Muslims on the vacation trips

The scholars decided not to vary with this issues whatever as there am ijmaa€? on the ban of congratulating non-Muslims on the vacation trips

The scholars decided not to vary with this issues whatever as there am ijmaa€? on the ban of congratulating non-Muslims on the vacation trips

Refutation of Trash Bayyah/Hamza Yusuf

Upon more examination and research of the argument of Bin Bayyah, i came across that his or her claims are generally erroneous and inaccurate in several ways:

The scholars didn’t differ on this particular problem at all because there is ijmaa€? throughout the prohibition of congratulating non-Muslims to their getaways. This consensus is noted by Ibn al-Qayyim when he explained, a€?Congratulating the non-Muslims on their own traditions that belong merely to all of them are haram by consensus (associated with the scholars).a€? 16 as a result, this ijmaa€? which was set can not be destroyed under any scenario as is known among the list of students of fiqh and usul. As well as for individuals that declare that ijmaa€? had not been set up for this issue, next the pressure of resistant sits upon them to build their statement. Neither container Bayyah nor several people modern day students offering fatwa of permissibility have shown whatever would nullify the record of ijmaa€? by Ibn al-Qayyim.

Actually, there are just two belief in madhhab of Imam Ahmad, haram and makruh, instead three as container Bayyah claimed. Moreover, the situation of the two opinions for the madhhab wasn’t when it comes to congratulating kuffar for their celebrations, but instead it was relating to congratulating these people on non-religious satisfied parties, as Ibn al-Qayyim mentions. Also, al-Mardawi states, a€?The 2nd thoughts is the fact it isn’t forbidden but disliked as spdate scam said within the products of Ria€?ayah and al-Hawiyayn into the phase of janaa€™iz.a€? 17 Al-Mardawi proceeds on to quote the demonstration of the Prophet i·? coming to the sick Jewish girl to ensure that he might accept Islam. Hence, it could be stated for sure that the perspective of makruh wasn’t in terms of congratulating non-Muslims to their fests and vacation trips though with reference to seeing all of them whenever become sick or common greetings on non-religious affairs.

With regard to Ibn Taymiyyah picking out the advice of permissibility in congratulating non-Muslims on their own fests, it is deceiving plus incorrect as al-Mardawi reports the perspective by which Ibn Taymiyyah decided to go with this a€?permissibilitya€™ by expressing: a€?It (visiting her sick) was allowable for a precise maslahah (as a whole good) including the chance that they’re going to recognize Islam. This thoughts was popular with Ibn Taymiyyah.a€? 18 moreover, just how do it is possible for Ibn Taymiyyah to find the viewpoint of permissibility as he demonstrably and unquestionably are associated with the opinion that congratulating and taking part over these celebrations, aside from it being spiritual or non-religious, is entirely prohibited? 19 also, for trash Bayyah to convey that Ibn Taymiyyaha€™s a€?confirmeda€™ opinion is of permissibility is extremely inaccurate, because their a€?confirmeda€™ thoughts is exactly what happens to be relayed by him or her in his famous work of art, Iqtidaa€™ al-Sirat al-Mustaqim fi Mukhalafati Ashab al-Jaa??im, which is certainly entirely and solely designed for no congratulating and participating during the festivals of non-Muslims.

Suhaib Webb

Among those that can let congratulating non-Muslims within their fests was Suhaib Webb. On December 26, 2012 they placed on his particular Facebook webpage what things can be considered a justification for greeting non-Muslims on xmas and unique Yeara€™s. He or she says:

The European Fatwa Council; constructed from 20 of this worlda€™s best Muslim Jurists, claimed it is permissible to greet someone on nowadays (exchange merchandise also) providing it does not need approving any creedal differences between you, or open wicked (sipping and many others). Put simply, a basic satisfied vacation trips is not a sin or visiting need that person of Islam. It really is revealed with reliable stores that Ali (ra) recognized the Persian New Year, also diet ice-cream with Imam Abu Hanifaa€™s family member. A number of the fatwa quoted by sincere individuals are rooted in an age of kingdom and fighting (the crusades) or a cultural fact it does not match mine into the western. Most of all, people should consult folks that incorporate terms like a€?harama€? a€?kufura€? a€?Halala€? and a€?encourageda€? concerning their religious classes. Yelling as well as over blown emotionalism cannot identical instruction and scholarship. Allah is aware best. (Webb, 2012).

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